LED GU10 H2 10W 100° | GU10

The PBT coated Aluminium GU10 spot light have same function as traditional halogen bulb, but light efficiency 10times more.
Power: 10W
Body: PBT+Aluminium,
Diffuser: Polycarbonate
Aluminium Board: 1.0mm, SOP
LED: Sanan chip, SMD2835
Driver: SMPS IC(BP, PowerTech)
Capacitor:  Aishi, Yunxing, Axboom
Base: GU10, G5.3, Nickel-plated Copper
Beam angle: 100°



Safety  according to- EN 62560: 2012, EN 62471: 2008, EN 62473 :2015
EMC according to- EN 55015: 2013, EN 61547: 2009, EN 61000-3-2:2014, EN 61000-3-3:2013
ERP according to- (EU) 2019/2020, EEL: (EU) 2019/2015


CodeInputPower PF Lumen C.R.IC.C.T.Control Mode 
LED GU10 H2 100°- 10W 
HX-10F-GU10 H2175-265V10 W0.5900lm823000KDim option
HX-10F-GU10 H2175-265V10 W0.5900lm824000KDim option
HX-10F-GU10 H2175-265V10 W0.5900lm826500KDim option